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Ins and Outs of Digital Banks

Ins and Outs of Digital Banks

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest Deep-Dive report, this time looking at several Digital Banks rather than focusing on just one. The report provides a comparative analysis of 80 Digital Banks from around the world, and investigates their performances in relation to pre-existing Incumbents, the pandemic, and ever-evolving customer demand. 


The number of global Digital banks has increased by 200% since 2015, and to illustrate the general trends of Digital Bank success, our report looks specifically at case-studies on Chime and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. However, as every good entrepreneur knows, there is a huge level of risk when launching a new company, and not every Neobank has a success story. Finn by JP Morgan Chase, Yelo, and Xinja serve as lessons to us on corporate financial faux-pas - during a time where we are (misled) to believe there is a market for everything, these lessons are extremely valuable.


One of our report’s many key takeaways is the importance of diversification through USP for all Digital Banks. When it comes to other winning characteristics for success, not every company will respond positively to the same initiatives. Although a seemingly simple step, founders and investors must first identify the Neo-bank’s place in the industry in order to determine how and when to leverage changing customer behaviour in the New Decade.


We found that Independent Digital Banks risk falling into the trap of "over-attractiveness", basing their business model on free services and leaving them more vulnerable to market shocks. How can these new players negotiate this fine line between attracting users and reaching profitability? 


To answer this question, the analysts at C-Innovation have seamlessly intertwined data specifics with an analysis of the wider industry, providing readers with a to-the-point overview on where the Digital Banking market is headed, and where it is still looking to improve. 


This 70-page report is aimed at FinTech businesses and enthusiasts looking for actionable take-aways. 


The following is a short list of what our "Ins and Outs of Digital Banking" report covers:


  • Banking in the New Decade

  • The Rise of Digital Banking

  • Regional Variances

  • The Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Success Factors - Independent Banks

  • Success Factors - Corporate-backed

  • Failures toward Digital Banking


 If you want to learn more about Digital Banking, why should it come from us?


☺️ All of our sources are displayed and are up to date - leaving nothing to second-guess!


🔨 We have done all the hard work (sifting through financial statements and long press releases) and synthesized this information so that it is as easy to read, digest and apply as possible!


🏝️ Themes and key points are stand alone, so if you need information quickly it can be easily identified and understood independently from previous pages.


🏠 Our experienced analysts are in-house, and so if you have any additional questions we are just an e-mail away.


👃 Our opinions are objective and unbiased - we are not affiliated with any of the features companies and simply enjoy sticking our noses into their business models…!


Brands analized includes among others: Xinja, 86400, Judo Bank, Hay, Bank CCB Mobile, Richart, Pig An Bank, aiBank, WeBank, MyBank, Neat, Ant Bank, Hello Bank, Bó, Openbank, BBVA, B, Qonto, Bnext, Revolut, Starling Bank, Bunq, Yono,  Fino Payments Bank, 811, Nequi, Albo, Uala, Nubank, Digibank, Aspire, Frank, KakaoBank, Sony Bank, Marcus, Finn, Azlo, Varo Money, Chime, Moven and Current.


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  • Disclaimer

    This report and the data it contains are for the exclusive use of the person who acquired the report. It may not be used for commercial purposes, distributed or sold in whole or in part to other third parties without the express written permission or license granted directly by C-Innovation.

    This is not a commissioned report and all data used for the analysis is taken from financial statements and other publicly available sources. The information presented here is intended for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed here are those of their authors and do not constitute an offer to sell, or a recommendation to buy any investment product or service.

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