Innovation and Disruption in the Finance Landscape

Innovation and Disruption in the Finance Landscape

In this research we take a look inside both FinTech and incumbent’s successful business models, latest developments and the strategies behind that made 2018 such a big year for FinTech.



1. The Market - Where are the hot spots, what are the trends and what’s coming next

2. Incumbents - How leading firms are dealing with disruption, what is there strategy and areas of focus for investment

3. The “Winners” - Successful business models- We look at Revolut and Amazon succesful stories and look at what they have done and how


The research looks at where FinTechs are succeeding, expanding and becoming more ambitious and anwsers the questions on how they can stay competitive? Which technology to leverage? What are the key trends and business models for their business to care and think about?

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