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Revolut: Breaking Even in Troubled Waters - Can it Stay Afloat

Revolut: Breaking Even in Troubled Waters - Can it Stay Afloat

Revolut: Breaking Even in Troubled Waters - Can it Stay Afloat?


Revolut is a rapidly-growing digital bank that has made significant strides towards profitability in 2021. This has been made possible through its strategy of diversifying its revenue stream, which has attracted a large and growing customer base. With 28 million customers and banking services launched across Europe, Revolut is well-placed to monetize its current customer base with a wider set of products and increasingly profitable alternatives.


This deep-dive report provides an in-depth analysis of how the company has become profitable, despite the difficult economic environment. It examines the factors that have contributed to Revolut's financial success, including its focus on diversifying its revenue stream, launching innovative products, and expanding its customer base.


We explore the challenges facing Revolut, including competition from traditional banks and the need to expand its customer base beyond Europe. Additionally, the report delves into the risks associated with Revolut's business model, such as its reliance on cryptocurrency products.


After following a growth at all cost strategy, Revolut shifted priorities on increasing revenue streams, a natural evolution of the company's business strategy. However, despite its recent success, there are several negative factors that could jeopardize Revolut's future growth prospects. For instance, Auditor BDO said it was unable to independently verify three-quarters of the company's revenue for 2021, which has raised concerns about its financial performance.


The recent collapse of SVB, Signature Bank and Credit Suisse highlighting the risks associated with the lack of diversification and the fears of bank's solvency. Revolut’s valuation still is over some of the biggest traditional lenders in Europe, despite that there is a huge gap between traditional players total assets held and profitability when compared to Revolut.


Overall, this report provides a comprehensive overview of Revolut's business strategy, financial performance, and growth prospects. It is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and banking professionals seeking to understand the company's potential and make informed decisions about Revolut growth potential.


By placing Revolut under the magnifying glass, we offer a better understanding of the factors that enabled it to become a leading challenger bank globally and their continuing pursue of becoming; “One app, all things money”.


Our deep dive report reveals how Revolut has made a name for itself in the FinTech industry, which is now available on our website. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the contents:

  1. Background: Breaking milestones, Company Overview, Revolut’s Evolution, Initial Solution, Executive Team, Funding and Shareholders and Criticism.
  2. Growth Strategy: Challenging Incumbents, Revolut’s funding, customer growth and valuation, Early strategy, Customer growth, Approach to marketing, Revolut licenses, Product Stack, Strategy Pivot, Partnerships and Infrastructure.
  3. Business Model: Business Model overview, Revolut revenue model, One Super App, Revolut retail offering, Revolut business account, Revolut for freelancers and Revenue streams.
  4. Financial Metrics: Revolut at a glance, Total Revenue, Costs & Net Profit, Revenue by type of service, Number of customers, Yearly transaction volume, Customer deposit balances and loans, Revolut Unit economics, Revenue breakdown by location and Top Revolut locations.
  5. Competitors: The competitive landscape, Valuation compared to direct competitors, Comparison of Neo-banks, Comparison with incumbent banks, Bank M&A deals, Digital bank landscape, Revolut users, Deposit volumes compared, Transaction volume per Challenge bank, Loans and advance to customers, Revolut features compared, Digital Banks Growth and Business banking competitors.
  6. Future Approach: Keeping the model sustainable, The UK & US, Potential IPO and challenges to Expansion.


What makes the report on Revolut by C-Innovation special?

  • Our report is supported by detailed graphs and data visualization tools that provide a clear and concise view of the business landscape.
  • You'll find our report easy to read and understand, even if you're not a data expert. We've designed our report with you in mind, presenting the information in a clear and concise manner that is accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about the fintech world.
  • Conclusions made by our team of analysts are supported by easy-to-read graphs and diagrams.
  • Key takeaways are included for each topic when relevant.
  • All sources are shown and published in 2022 and 2023, as we value the most transparent and up to date information available.
  • All acronyms and technical vocabulary are explained and easy to understand.
  • Our report is objective, meaning we don't have any hidden agendas or biases that may influence our conclusions. C- innovation present the facts, figures, and trends in a straightforward and honest way, so you can trust the information you're receiving.


Reading this deep dive report is crucial for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of Revolut financial health and future prospects.


This report aims to provide actionable insights to those interested in the financial technology industry, and more specifically, to businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to improve their strategies and increase their competitiveness. With our report, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information and trends in the challenging banks.

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