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Nubank 2024: Soaring Valuation, Customer Growth, and Super App Aspirations

Updated: Mar 8

Founded in 2013 by David Vélez, Cristina Junqueira, and Edward Wible, Nubank entered the financial landscape with a mission to challenge traditional banking norms. The neobank quickly gained attention by offering low-limit credit cards and user-friendly mobile apps. In 2018, Nubank achieved unicorn status with a valuation of $1 billion, and in 2021, it went public with an IPO valuation of $45 billion. As of 26 Feb 2024, its Market valuation stands at $50.8B.

Q4 2023 Earnings and Customer Base Expansion 

Q4 2023 Earnings Presentation demonstrates Nu's impressive growth in customer base over the past two years showcases its significant impact on the digital financial services landscape, not just in Brazil but on a global scale. Nu added 4.8M customers in Q4 2023 alone, and a total of 19.3M customers YoY with active customers at 83%. Nu has effectively demonstrated its capacity to attract and retain a vast user base. This surge has elevated its total global customer count to 93.9 million as of 31 December 2023. Nubank is the 4th largest financial institution by number of customers in Brazil, according to Brazilian Central Bank data.  

Nubank 2024: $50.8B valuation, 62% YoY revenue surge. Aggressive roadmap targets Mexico, high-income sector, and holistic platform.

Source: Nubank Deep-dive. 2023. C-Innovation. Updated with Nubank Q4 2023 report. 

Financial Metric Highlights

Nubank reported a 62% YoY increase in revenue, reaching $8B for the full year 2023. The gross profit reached another quarterly record high of $1.1B, an 87% increase YoY FXN. For 2023 gross profit margin increased to 43% YoY to reach $3.5B compared to $1.7B in 2022, underlining the effectiveness of its diversified product portfolio and cross-selling strategies.  

Nubank continued to drive increased profitability and posted a Net Income for Q4 2023 of $360.9M compared to a $58M profit in Q4 2022. FY 2023, the Net Income was $1B compared to a $9.1M Net Loss in FY 2022. Adjusted Net Income reached $1.2B in 2023, compared to $204.1M in 2022. This increase in revenue, profitability, and expansion in customer base shows the growth’s consistency for Nubank.

Nubank 2024: $50.8B valuation, 62% YoY revenue surge. Aggressive roadmap targets Mexico, high-income sector, and holistic platform.

Source: 2023 Nu Bank Q4 2023 Earnings Presentation 


As of 31 December 2023, Nubank had an interest-earning portfolio (IEP) of $8.2B which increased 91% YoY due to the accelerated ramp-up of personal loans and credit card receivables in the last 12 months. Total deposits increased to $23.7B, up 38% YoY, while cost of deposits remained stable. 

Nu's has maintained its Monthly Average Cost to Serve Per Active Customer at a remarkably low level of $0.9, amidst rapid customer base expansion, is a testament to the strength and efficiency of its business model. This performance indicator not only underscores the company's operational efficiency but also highlights its capacity to scale effectively without incurring proportional increases in service costs. The sustained growth in Average Revenue Per Active Customer (ARPAC) QoQ further illustrates Nu's successful strategy in not just attracting new customers, but also enhancing the value derived from each customer, thereby optimizing its revenue generation capabilities.

The significant improvement in Nu's efficiency ratio, reached 36% in Q4 of 2023 and the full year of 2023 underscores Nu's position as one of the most efficient bank in LatAm, demonstrating its ability to manage expenses and operations more effectively than many of its peers. Such a strong efficiency ratio is indicative of a well-managed organization that leverages technology, automation, and innovative operational practices to minimize costs while maximizing output and customer satisfaction. 

Innovative Product Launches Reinforce Nubank's Commitment to Customer Convenience and Financial Security

Nubank is continuously improving and enhancing its products for customers. Recently Nubank started to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone for SME customers in Brazil. This allows merchants to accept all forms of contactless payments, including contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets, using only an iPhone and the Nubank iOS app with no additional hardware or payment terminal. Last week Nubank launched IPCA CDB as a new investment option. This investment option allows customers to protect their money against inflation. 

Dynamic Leadership Fuels Nubank's Expansion and Innovation in Brazil 

Livia Chanes becomes CEO of Nubank’s Brazilian operation. Under her leadership since 2020, Nu Brazil gained 20M new customers and launched more than 50 new products and services, including new tools for entrepreneurs, security solutions such as Modo Rua, credit cards in Braille, and payroll loans.

Nubank's 2024 Roadmap: Expansion, targeting the wealthy, and Super App Ambitions

Nubank's exceptional growth trajectory is set to continue in 2024, leveraging its strong customer acquisition model and maintaining its high activity rate. The data from Q4 2023 underscores Nubank's sustainable growth, highlighting a 95 million customer base with a significant percentage actively engaging with the bank's services. Its focus on competitive cost strategies against incumbents and FinTechs is evidenced by its efficient cost-to-serve and customer acquisition metrics. 

Nubank 2024: $50.8B valuation, 62% YoY revenue surge. Aggressive roadmap targets Mexico, high-income sector, and holistic platform.

Source: 2023 Nu Bank Q4 2023 Earnings Presentation 


Looking ahead, Nubank's 2024 priorities include winning in Mexico, ramping up secured lending in Brazil, making inroads with the high-income sector, and evolving into a holistic money platform. C-Innovation will dissect each of these priorities to understand the strategies and implications behind them.

Winning in Mexico: Nubank's strategic expansion into Mexico targets the substantial portion of the adult population without bank accounts, aiming to replicate its Brazilian success by launching a full-service bank upon regulatory approval. This move includes broadening its offerings to stock market investments and higher deposit limits. Despite the challenge of Mexico's preference for cash and slow digital adoption, Nubank has made significant inroads as a major card issuer, amassing 5.5 million customers (as Jan 2024). The focus is on delivering a user-friendly digital banking experience, no-fee credit cards, and superior customer service to disrupt the traditional banking industry and capture a substantial market share.

Ramping up Secured Lending in Brazil: Brazil remains Nubank's stronghold. By increasing its secured lending portfolio, Nubank aims to diversify its revenue streams and reduce its risk profile. Secured loans, such as those backed by real estate or automobiles, typically have lower default rates. This move will also appeal to a broader demographic, including those looking for lower interest rates and those who may not have been able to obtain credit through traditional unsecured lending. 


Targeting the High-Income Sector: Nubank has largely focused on the mass market, but there's a significant opportunity in the high-income sector. This segment offers larger deposit and investment potentials and is often looking for premium services and products. Nubank might introduce exclusive credit card products with higher limits, wealth management services, and personalized financial advisory services to attract this demographic.

Evolving into a Holistic Money Platform: These initiatives align seamlessly with Nubank's broader vision of becoming a Latin America super app. The vision here is to become a one-stop-shop for financial services. This includes not only traditional banking services but also investment products, insurance, payment services, and more. The holistic approach ensures that once a customer is onboarded for one service, they are more likely to use additional services, increasing their lifetime value to the company.

Additionally, Nubank's product offerings, like Tap to Pay on iPhone for SMEs, signal its intention to dominate the payment solutions sector, which is a critical component of SME banking. By offering an easy and secure payment method, Nubank can integrate itself more deeply into the business operations of its SME customers, which improves stickiness and generates more data for cross-selling opportunities.

New investment options to hedge against inflation are also noteworthy, especially in economies like Brazil, where inflation can be a significant concern. By providing such investment options, Nubank is not only protecting its customers' wealth but also attracting more funds into its management, which can be used for lending and other profitable activities.

In summary, Nubank's strategy for 2024 is multifaceted and aggressive. It's aimed at capturing new market segments, increasing the value proposition for existing customers, and diversifying its product offerings to stabilize and grow its revenue. This strategy, if executed effectively, can not only fortify Nubank's position in Latin America but also set a benchmark for digital banking globally. 


At C- innovation we will continue following closely the ins and outs of Digital Banks, so stay tuned!  

Nubank 2024: $50.8B valuation, 62% YoY revenue surge. Aggressive roadmap targets Mexico, high-income sector, and holistic platform.

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