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Fintech Sparks, a regular online publication of, the most read fintech news site in Hungary
regarding the work of Apple in Finance.

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The launch of Apple Pay, the Apple Card, and other financial services has caused tremors in the financial sector, and it is important to understand how this player affects the industry landscape.

C-Innovation and Sparks provide valuable insights into the intersection of technology and finance. In this publication, various aspects of Apple's involvement in finance are explored, including its products and services, its partners and acquisitions, its competitors, and its ambitions in the financial space.

While there are certainly challenges associated with Apple's entry into finance, there are also opportunities for financial institutions to embrace this change and use it to their advantage.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of Apple's financial services and offer insights for the future of the industry. We offer valuable insights for financial institutions, technology companies, and anyone interested in the evolving financial sector landscape.

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Fintech Sparks is a regular online publication of, the most read fintech news site in Hungary. Each publication deals with a specific topic, presented in a professional yet accessible way. Visual elements, such as illustrations and informative graphics help to make the content easy to understand for beginners. More than one year after the launch of Fintech Sparks, the sixth edition of the series tackles Apple's foray into the financial sector.​

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